How to take Purg-Odan®

These instructions serve as a guide for your preparation. If it differs from your doctor’s instructions, which may be more specific for you, please refer to his/her instructions.

Please advise your doctor if you are taking:

  1. Aspirin®(ASA), or medications containing ASA
  2. Anticoagulants such as Coumadin® (warfarin)
  3. Platelet aggregation inhibitors such as Plavix™ or Ticlid™
  4. Iron supplements or multivitamins containing iron
  5. Diabetes medications
  6. Other medications

The use of a purgative is required before your exam or surgery. Purg-Odan®, which is recommended by your physician, is available without a prescription at your local pharmacy. Stay close to a toilet after you take this medicine as it can start working within 1 to 4 hours.

  1. Start taking Purg-Odan® one day before the procedure. You should have clear fluids ONLY and no solid food.
  2. Take the FIRST sachet of Purg-Odan®
    • Empty the contents of the sachet into a mug or coffee cup.
    • Add approximately 150 mL (5 oz) of cold water.
    • Stir frequently for 2 to 3 minutes until all the powder has dissolved. If the mixture heats up, let it cool.
    • Continue to stir while it cools, then drink it.
  3. It is important to rehydrate by drinking at least 6 large glasses of 250 mL (8oz) of clear fluids over the 4 hours following each Purg-Odan® sachet.
    Along with water, you should also drink other clear fluids such as sports drinks like Gatorade™ or Powerade™, chicken or beef broth without parsley, white sodas, popsicles, pulp-free juices, etc. DO NOT drink dark colored liquids, especially red or purple.
  4. Continue drinking a 250 mL (8 oz) glass of clear fluid, including water, every hour while you are still feeling the effects of Purg-Odan®.
  5. Take the SECOND sachet of Purg-Odan®
    Repeat steps 2 to 4 for the 2nd sachet.
  6. You can drink a small amount of water to satisfy your thirst up to 3 hours before the procedure.