General Information

Where can I buy Purg-Odan® in my area?
Purg-Odan® is available without prescription at most Canadian pharmacies and is the least expensive oral purgative. Contact the pharmacy closest to you for availability information.

Is Purg-Odan® manufactured in Canada?
Yes, Purg-Odan® is manufactured by Odan Laboratories Ltd., a privately held Canadian Pharmaceutical company based in Montreal, Quebec.

Do I need a prescription to buy Purg-Odan®?
No, you do not need a prescription to buy Purg-Odan®.

What if my doctor prescribed another purgative to prepare for my colonoscopy exam?
Purg-Odan® may be used as a replacement for most oral purgatives. Please seek advice of your referring physician before changing product.

Using Purg-Odan®

How should the product be stored prior to use?
The package must be stored at a temperature between 15° — 30°C. You should always keep Purg-Odan® out of reach and sight of children.

Is it okay to prepare and refrigerate the mixture the day before the procedure?
It is not recommended to prepare the Purg-Odan® mixture in advance for use later in the day or the following day. Purg-Odan® is meant to be taken immediately after it is prepared and it should not be left standing to avoid contamination.

How and when do I take Purg-Odan®?
Please see “Instructions” tab.

How long does it take for Purg-Odan® to take effect?
Purg-Odan® can start working within 1 to 4 hours. Individual timing of results may vary from one person to another. We recommend you stay close to a bathroom.

What if my doctor prescribed 3 sachets rather than two?
Although Purg-Odan® normally requires you to consume 2 doses (sachets) 6 to 8 hours apart; your doctor’s instructions may instead require you to take 3 sachets. Always follow your doctor’s instructions and make sure you drink a lot of clear liquid such as clear broth, Gatorade, sodas, clear juice and/or water.

What color should the Purg-Odan® mixture be after mixing with water?
The mixture should have a color ranging from clear to milky once dissolved in water.

May I mix the Purg-Odan® powder with liquid other than water?
The sachets of Purg-Odan® should only be mixed with water. Their efficacy may be altered when mixed with another liquid.

What should I do if the Purg-Odan® powder did not dissolve completely in water?
The Purg-Odan® powder needs to be added to the exact amount of water as advised in the introductions in order to dissolve properly. It must be continuously stirred for about 2 to 3 minutes to completely dissolve.

Is it normal that the sachet mixture does not heat up after being dissolved?
Yes, it is normal. The mixture may or may not heat up after being dissolved. Either way, it should be drank when cool.

Can I have chicken noodle soup while taking Purg-Odan®?
No, it is necessary to only have clear liquids during the preparation treatment. Chicken or beef broth with no solids (even parsley) would be the best alternative. Once the procedure is done, you may have any food you want!

Is it okay to have coffee or tea during the day before colonoscopy?
It is best to take Purg-Odan® with clear liquids that you may see through in a clear glass. Coffee or tea should be limited as much as possible and should not contain milk or sugar.

May I take Purg-Odan® after taking aspirin?
No, it is not recommended to take Purg-Odan® with a blood thinner such as Aspirin or Coumadin. If you took aspirin during your bowel prep, immediately inform your physician as you may have to reschedule the colonoscopy.

What if I cancel my colonoscopy exam after taking Purg-Odan®?
A colonoscopy is a safe and beneficial procedure that your physician may have prescribed you in order to detect, prevent or treat colorectal diseases. If you decide to cancel your colonoscopy, notify the hospital/clinic as soon as possible since you may be charged a last-minute cancellation penalty. If you already started your bowel prep, you may simply stop taking Purg-Odan® and go back to your normal activities. You may start eating normally again, however you should expect a few bowel movements if Purg-Odan® is still in effect.

How long does it take for bowel movement to start again after the procedure?
After your colonoscopy, it may take up to 24 hours before your next bowel movement. Remember that if you followed the bowel preparation closely, your stomach will be empty because you did not eat any solids the day before the procedure. Therefore, it is only hours after you start eating again that you should start expecting a bowel movement.

Health / Ingredients

What are the active ingredients in Purg-Odan®?
One sachet of Purg-Odan® contains 12 g of citric acid USP, 3.5 g Magnesium oxide, and 10 mg sodium picosulfate.

What are the possible side effects?
Please see “About Purg-Odan®” tab for side effects.

What are the contraindications?

Please see “About Purg-Odan®” tab for a for list of the contraindications.

Can I take Purg-Odan® if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?
Although our studies indicate that neither sodium picosulfate nor magnesium citrate are excreted in breast milk, it is best to review with a physician to see if Purg-Odan® is safe to take during your pregnancy.

Are there any specific instructions for diabetic patients taking Purg-Odan®
There is no specific approved Purg-Odan® protocol for diabetic patients. Therefore a diabetic condition should be managed with doctor support and may require intake of nutritional supplement.

Is Purg-Odan® safe for children?
Yes Purg-Odan® is safe for children 1 year and older. They normally take 1 sachet instead of two. Please seek your doctor’s recommendations on how a child should take Purg-Odan®

Does Purg-Odan® contain soy?
No Purg-Odan® does not contain soy.

Does Purg-Odan® contain gluten?
No, Purg-Odan® is gluten-free.

Does Purg-Odan® contain lactose or dairy-derived products?
Purg-Odan® contains no lactose or dairy-derived products.

Does Purg-Odan® contain corn or corn products?
There is no corn or corn products (maize) in Purg-Odan®. Purg-Odan® uses another source of pure citric acid.

Can I take Purg-Odan® even if I am allergic to oranges?
The source of orange in Purg-Odan® is both artificial and natural. The amount of orange flavouring is minimal, so it should not cause an adverse reaction. Confirm with your physician before taking Purg-Odan®.

Does Purg-Odan® contain an orange dye?
No, it is a colorless powder.

Is Purg-Odan® safe to use for a patient with sulphate, sulphur or sulfa-drug allergies?
Purg-Odan® contains 10 mg of sodium picosulfate, meaning that the sulphur content is minimal. However, it is up to a referring doctor/pharmacist to advise.