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About Us
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♢ Founded in 1974 in Montreal, Canada.
♢ 100% Canadian Specialty Pharmaceutical Company
♢ Fully integrated infrastructures for R&D, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing.
♢ Our vast Product line includes innovative products in gastroenterology, dermatology, and various specialty and generic pharmaceuticals.
♢ Odan products are distributed to retail pharmacies, hospitals, government institutions, clinics, and pharmaceutical wholesalers.
♢ Our products are also exported to several countries around the world.
♢ Odan is continuously researching and developing new pharmaceutical molecules and adding to it's portfolio.

Our Mission

To be a leader of high quality specialty-generic medicines.

Our Vision

Ensuring that high quality specialty medicines are available and affordable for all.

Our Values

♢ Integrity
♢ Respect
♢ High Performance
♢ Acknowledgement

Our Employer Promise

♢ Growth
♢ Stability
♢ Experience
♢ Challenge
♢ Diversity